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Detox Deliciously With This Nutrient-packed Salad In A Jar  ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

Tasty, healthy, cheap and perfect for any detox plan – there is no drawback to salad in a jar. The recipe is a delicious dish that has proven successful.

Glossary: Essential Business Terms To Know   ~ ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

Glossary: Essential Business Terms To Know

The Easiest Slow Cooked Beef Recipe Ever ~ ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

Slow cooked beef recipe is easy to prepare, yet it can make almost anyone look like an amazing chef. Tender texture of the beef will melt in the mouth.

Basic Yet Brilliant Corn In The Oven Recipe ~ ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

Corn is a “special summer treat” that is crucial, especially when you’re going to a cookout or a barbecue. Corn provides a deal of benefits for your health.

How To Meditate: My Meditation Routine ~ ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

In this post, I would like to share my thoughts on meditation and show how to meditate on a daily basis. Feel free to take my routine & use it for yourself.

26 Ways to Wear a Brooch | ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

Whether it’s your first brooch or you already have a collection of them, this post will show you 26 amazing ways to wear a brooch and look stunning!

The Advanced Guide to Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating ~ ByJulia.com.au ~ Live Beautifully

My Advanced Guide to Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating discusses all aspects of healthy eating and includes the most popular diets such as Paleo diet etc.