Julie Colwill
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Dichondra Silver Falls hanging plant with succulents on top make a jellyfish-like arrangement! MUST try this!!! Looks like the top succulents are planted on an upside-down mesh planter? Will edit if I find out more!
Utilize vertical space like never before, create a birdcage garden. Learn how to make birdcage planter and how to plant succulents and flowers in it.
Red Planter OMG Succulents!!!!
40 Insanely Creative Vertical Garden Ideas | http://www.barneyfrank.net/insanely-creative-vertical-garden-ideas/
Hardware Store Home Decor - possible collaspable shelves for yardsale displays. Hmmm?
Lovely ladder shelving unit - I've seen this done in shops and it looks lovely
RestlessOasis: September 2013
Inexpensive Outdoor Furniture: A-Frame Plant stand