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Portrait of Australian author Norman Lindsay. Newspaper, glue.

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The Magic Pudding, Norman Lindsay.

The Magic Pudding | New York Review Books

Cartoonist's collection shows there's so much more to Lindsay than the Magic Pudding

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A friend told me this book was great. The author is Norman Lindsey. The story is set in Australia "with humans mixing with anthropomorphic animals. It tells of a magic pudding which, no matter how often it is eaten, always reforms in order to be eaten again. It is owned by three companions who must defend it against Pudding Thieves who want it for themselves."

The Magic Pudding

By Norman Lindsay Australian author and artist The Magic Pudding was first cooked in 1918, and thousands of children (and their parents) have been relishing it ever since. Norman Lindsay′s timeless classic follows the adventures of debonair young koala Bunyip Bluegum, sailor Bill Barnacle and penguin Sam Sawnoff - owners of the much-desired Magic Puddin′ Albert - who try to out-wit Possum and Wombat, the professional, and extraordinarily persistent, puddin′-thieves.

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