7 Quality Areas.  explaining to families

As part of the Quality Improvement Plan, the team at Steel St have worked together to develop an attractive foyer which will be welcoming but also informative.

Topic Planning - before launching into a topic we like to sit around our floor book and find out what the kids know about the topic and other ideas they have and things they might like to do in class. We are still at the ealry stages of tis as they are only 3 years, but its amazing how much we can take from the kids. On the other page we document what we have done, the kids stick in the pictures and we talk about what they did, I scribe for them.

Using a Floorbook to document children's existing ideas and knowledge about a topic

Analysis and Evaluation Documentation Ideas for Early childhood educators - Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation in Early Childhood Programming

Analysis, reflection, documentation and EYLF outcomes - simple tips and strategies for early years educators.

Display looking at the skills children master when they are enjoying sand play. EYFS

A display documenting the skills children are developing as they are enjoying sand play.

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Philosophy Documentation from Kallista Kindergarten

Kallista Kindergarten: "We view children as strong and powerful contributors to their own learning" - Website portal ≈≈

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