Julie Andrews/Blake Edwards- were married for 41 years. He passed away in 2010

Julie Andrews & Blake Edwards married November 1969 - December 2010 (his death) -- 49 years!

Home and away

Phoebe, Maddy, Ricky and Hannah aka Isabella Giovinazzo, Kassandra Clementi, Bonnie Sveen and Cassie Howarth!

- Dan Ewing - Lincoln Younes - Steve Peacocke  :3

The Braxton River Boys, Heath, Casey and Darryl

Isabella Giovinazzo (who plays Phoebe in Home and Away) and Nic Westaway (who plays Kyle Braxton) ~ I hope Kyle doesn't run off to Melbourne with Phoebe, because family is everything, and Heath, Casey and Brax are the only family he has, he can't just give up his only family for a girl he knew a long time ago! They don't even know each other anymore!! :P

Isabella Giovinazzo and Nic Westaway

Home and Away. Where do all the good looking Ozzie actors come from? Summer Bay. Heath ledger, Chris hemsworth, sookie stackhouse's brother, and these guys plus so many more!

I like men who are hunks like (L-R) Dan Ewing, Lincoln Younes and Steve Peacocke

Home and Away's Lincoln Younes who plays Casey Braxton

'Home and Away': Meet Brax's new love interest Ricky

Bonnie Sveen as Ricky Sharpe.  2013 - Current

Bonnie Sveen as Ricky Sharpe.

Jackson Gallagher plays Josh Barrett from Home and Away

Jackson Gallagher plays Josh Barrett from Home and Away

Andrew Morley (Spencer Harrington)

Andrew Morley (Spencer Harrington from 'Home and Away')

Jackson Gallagher as Josh Barrett from Home and Away

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