Lchangra ལྕང་ར།

Our main purpose is to show culture and tradition of Skardu and early Tibetan and also give a lesson for Tibetan language and scripts.
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Lchangra ལྕང་ར།: Himaliyas Culture and Tradition

The young boys in Cultural and Tradition Dress of Himalayas region in Skardu Baltistan . On the occasion of Eid these three guys wanted to .

Lchangra ལྕང་ར།: Culture & Tradition

The early thing that used to plough the field for agricultural purposes. To show the common way of less cost to plough a field .

himaliyas culture

himaliyas culture

Yadgar Skardu Baltistan

Yadgar Skardu Baltistan

Lake View

Upper Lake View Kachura in Himalayas

Mountain in Gilgit Baltistan

Karakoram Highway China and Pakistan Extraordinary- Driving-Roads

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