Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne The 1932 interior of Flinders St Station. The station remains largely the same today.

Melbourne / Typographic Stories of the City Streets: Observatory: Design Observer

Wolfgang Sievers, Port Phillip Arcade, State Library of Victoria Pictures Collection (Melbourne Australia)

July 1970: Two young Melburnians play in the back streets of Richmond. The caption found on the back of this picture reads: "Where the young so often grow up without hope ... an inner-city back street that is home to many of Melbourne's poor - the widow, the unemployed, the unmarried mother and, often the derelict." - Melbourne's slums | City's slum heritage | Photo Galleries and News Photos | News Pictures and Photos | Herald Sun

July An inner city back street that was home to many of Melbourne's poor. The original caption written for this photograph defined the poor as widows, the unemployed, unmarried mothers and the derelict.

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Old "Spencer Street Station" now Southern Cross Station (trains), Melbourne Victoria Australia