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Cy and Indi.but I'm not sure who would play which part in this scenario.>>>>> I feel like my OTP (Destiel) would use a real gun.


Norse Warrior Queen, Ragnar's first wife and shieldmaiden Lagertha. Portrayed by Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick in Vikings, a Canadian-Irish historical drama television series. Written and created by Michael Hirst for the History channel

Lagertha cosplay (Vikings) by cosplaycara on DeviantArt

Get a costume like Lagertha, the fierce shield-maiden and former wife to King Ragnar Lothbrok from the TV show Vikings on The History Channel.

How to make pauldrons out of EVA foam

Craft foam armor While Worbla is a great material, it's also totally fine just to work with less expensive EVA foam! So I added this little tutorial to my new book for Advanced Armor Making!