The ultimate itinerary for a trip around Australia - visits every capital city and all 8 states and territories, and includes 4 road trips and 6 of the best national parks / natural wonders Australia has to offer! Click through for the detailed itinerary.

The ultimate itinerary for a trip around Australia

Kids will learn in fun ways with this Australia Unit. Links to some of the best activities and resources on the web for your Australia Unit planning. From Playful Matters.

Australia Unit

Australia Unit - huge resource of some of the best resources and activities from the web to make your planning quick and easy. From exploring the Australian continent to discovering our unique flora and fauna.

Map of the famous and strange 'Big Things' of Australia including the Big Banana and the Big Prawn that form part of any great Australian road trip.

Big Things of Australia Map --For some reason (that I have never truly understood), Aussies love to make *Big Things*! :D The infographic here intends to educate the tourists about some Australian travel attractions.

ANZAC games for children

ANZAC games for children - leads into a lesson about probability with clear links to the Australian Curriculum

Learning about Money through play - FREE Printable Australian (play) Money

Free printable Australian money (notes & coins) - would be great for roleplaying and maths games. From Suzie's Home Education Ideas.

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