Maltese cuisine is a cultivated relationship between the traditions of indigenous inhabitants and many other foreign influences coming from centuries of colonial domination. The most pronounced imp…

Maltese Cuisine

Traditional Maltese Almond Cookies - Sweet, aromatic, naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, all you need 5 ingredients and 20 mins! Recipe by

Maltese Almond Cookies

Traditional Maltese Almond Cookies - sweet, aromatic, naturally gluten-free and dairy-free

Pastizzi. Yum, I have tried this recipe twice: AMAZING!!! My pastry fold/twist technique needs a lil work, but the flavour is bang on.

Maltese Cheese Cakes Pastizzi Recipe- The quick and easy way :P

Maltese Stuffed Marrows (Maltese Food, Maltese Recipes, Maltese Cuisine)

Stuffed Marrows (Qarabaghli mimli bil-kapuljat) - A Maltese Mouthful

pork chops recipe malta

Patata L-Forn Recipe: Try this tasty Maltese baked pork chops dish

Joanna's amazing Maltese Bread Pudding ° eat in my kitchen

Joanna's amazing Maltese Bread Pudding

Joanna's amazing Maltese Bread Pudding - eat in my kitchen

Maltese baked pasta (macaroni) - Ghagin (imqurran) il-forn. Maltese food, Maltese recipes, Maltese cuisine - A Maltese Mouthful

Maltese Baked Pasta (macaroni) - Ghagin (Imqarrun) il-Forn - A Maltese Mouthful

Bigilla is a great dip! This version uses fresh broad beans.

Bigilla (broad bean) dip - A Maltese Mouthful

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