Wombat Stew Activities

Half of the fun of this book is in singing the songs that the dingo sings as he tries to make wombat stew. Your kids will love the way the other animals trick dingo into making a horrible stew that saves the wombat.

Wombat Stew

what makes a classroom family? Can go along with lesson for 'Pumpkin Soup' during the fall. "Ingredients for a loyal friend" or "ingredients for a cooperative classroom". Vocabulary for lesson: loyal, cooperate

Wombat Stew Pot - cut out the pot, glue the ingredients to make the stew, write the ingredients on the back of the pot.

Wombat Stew Pot - Idea for Felt board story with dingo and wombat puppet as well.

1: Wombat Stew - YouTube

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Wombat Stew ~ A week of reading activities

A book a week: Wombat Stew by M Vaughan. Read the book daily for a week and complete a activity a day - oh so simple!

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