Anti-American WWII Nazi propaganda: Indians, Jitterbuggers, Jews, Jazz, and the KKK. The face of the Liberators.

2 headed monster of the Axis powers Hitler and Hirohito, destroying American…

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Showcase of World War 2 propaganda posters.

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Words are ammunition.  -- WWII Propaganda Poster from the National Archives...YEAH, I KNOW... DARTH VADOR

World War II poster: He’s Watching You, by Glenn Grohe, ca. 1942 Looks like Darth Vader

gotta love propoganda

A propaganda poster that uses only three colours. Once again there is a message printed clearly. The background is very plain and has a black boarder. Slightly grainy to add a war time effect.

TALK LESS never know. WW2 propaganda poster, USA. Relevant today, Thanks to NSA... ?

Talk Less - You Never Know ~ British WWII propaganda poster (but good advice always)

US WWII Poster - United we are strong

Patriotic Poster ★ from World War II, public domain image of a historic U. American Government Patriotism Symbol copyright free image of a patriotic WWII poster titled "United we are strong–United we will win":

They just don't make propaganda like they used to.

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Dieselpunk: Black Angel poster   /   **REMEMBER!>>>

REMAKE: BLACK ANGEL Poster / by *PaulSizer // Thought provoking in my mind.

WWI propaganda poster for enlistment in the US Army. Created around 1917 by HR Hopps.

Destroy This Mad Brute

WWI Propaganda poster, Destroy This Mad Brute: Enlist WWI propaganda poster depicting Germany as a mad gorilla. We will use this image to discuss how propaganda was used to gain support for the war in Europe.

World War II propaganda posters - Gallery

World War II propaganda posters

This image depicts a Japanese samurai standing victoriously over sinking British and American battleships. Imposing and awe-inspiring, this poster displays the Japanese flag along with German and Italian colors.