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elementary art lesson 5th grade coffee cups tempera paint pattern color. Complex patterns. Would love to find this template to make a piece of art for my kitchen!

Love the colors i was just waiting for the perfect inspiration for my paper mache bowls :D

Rizzi-for-Kids James Rizzi has left his mark on the world. His amazing illustrations has made an indelible impression on me and my students. Last Fall, my sixth graders did a unit on James Rizzi which included Faces and Simple Birds. This time we had fun with James Rizzi Inspired Skyscrapers. This is a super easy lesson for older students. 100% fun and successful.

Art lesson : The Eye of the Dragon! Drawing with coloured pencil crayons. For students in Grade 3 and all the way up to High School. Your student learn how to create colour gradients. This document contains: - Instructions: 2 pages - A game using images to introducte the project. - Explanatory photos: 15 pages - Images to inspire you: 6 Dragon's eyes. - Evaluation rubric. - Chromatic circle. - Guided exercises to learn how to do colour gradiation.