Streamline Moderne Art Deco... ...BTW, check this out!!!! :

Universe in miniature.miniature houses, interior design, art and whimsey : Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Update

Building Our House of Grey and White: Dulux Milton Moon

Exterior Colour Ideas: this is Dulux Milton Moon with Surfmist. Trim is Lexicon. I don't think Surfmist is right for our new house but I wanted to see another Milton Moon house Building Our House of Grey and White: Paint Pics

Raised Queenslander. Love how they've kept the downstairs left side open as a verander/outdoor living area.

This is my favourite fence, a white picket fence. A Cliche I know, but they're so pretty and really set a nice house off.

I'm a big fan of Art Deco design, I love the sleek, geometric, lines and curved wall of this house. All of which are emphasized by the crisp, white exterior paint.

I love Art Deco homes! I get so upset when I see them when people have added pitched roofs to them!

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