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The bathrooms were recently renovated, as well.
Recogido con trenzas.
Doorsteek van staart. 1./2 dot vlecht
This gorgeous style looks anything but 'simple'... Until you look at the great instructions & photos of each step!! It is super rare that the 'step by step' process is code for step a to j in 1 step followed then with cryptic instruction which makes little sense - IMO this is NOT the case here though :)
Grey and white Heart Cottage bedside table with cupboard and drawer. Shabby chic bedroom furniture
Copper bedside lamp l 'Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat' quote l Timber bedside table:
#Taubmanscolour #radarblue
Love these colors for a bathroom
Beach house colors  Oh look my color scheme!!!  lol  Brought to you by Williams Group of Pelican Real Estate. See more properties on our Facebook page www.Facebook/... Twitter @FL_REO_Sales , and on our webpage www.WilliamsGroup...
Shore Tones - https://www.design-seeds.com/wander/sea/shore-tones-4