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I don't care what you've done. I forgive you and want you healthy. I will fight for you until you can fight for yourself. We miss you but know you are safe. 💕 Don't know when we will see you again but I can't wait to kiss your face.

CTC Step The quote is showing how she always wants to get everything she has to do done, but sometimes, things such as her rapid thoughts get in the way of what she is doing,so she is trying to be as obedient as she could. blocks her from doing it.

Damn this runny mascara or maybe the wine...either way my karma is going to be a bitch.

You must first teach a child he is loved, only then is he ready to learn everything else AND will become a lover of mankind. A child who is loved doesn't have the ability to hate or be mean.

I love you mom. I pray for you to have peace. You are such a strong woman who has endured so many difficulties in your life. I am learning to admire your strength and also understand why you made the choices you did in life. -Missy