painted fall leaves - pinned this in Makeable, but maybe it should be in Remakeable as the leaves are already made hmm the dilemna. Where ever - these leaves look gorgeous, I really like the colour.

cool idea for something to do with your autumn leaves.or aboriginal designs! Magnolia leaves would be perfect for this!

Echidna: Clean up Australia Day, NAIDOC Week, Environment Week, any 'nature' or 'garden critters' themed workshops

This art idea could be used in combination with NADOC week, conservation week, clean up australia day and Australia day.

#DIY - Make your own Didgeridoo! Love this! Perfect for channeling Australia!

Australia ~ Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Making a Didgeridoo:Make mini out of paper towel rolls

Colouring Pages incl Aboriginal Art - Brisbane Kids

Aboriginal Colouring Pages

Aboriginal Colouring Pages gifted to Brisbane Kids by local indigenous artists for the free non commercial enjoyment of Kids in Brisbane

Aboriginal Themed Notepaper

A couple of page borders featuring a variety of pictures related to Aboriginal culture, including the Aborigine flag.

This is a great unit for the younger students to explore the Australian Aboriginal traditions and customs.

NAIDOC Aboriginal Activities

This unit is a great resource to introduce Aboriginal customs and traditions for the younger students. This can be used for NAIDOC week or anytime of the year that you want to explore some Aboriginal traditions.

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