Wooden animals by Kay Bojesen. Photo by Frida Ramstedt / Trendenser.se

Kay Bojesen and Kristian Vedel - wooden animals by Kay Bojesen, wooden Birds by Kristian Vedel. Danish hand crafting and design in this wonderfully warm material. Kay Bojesen design is classic design in Denmark.

The University of Canberra iPod Dock Campaign

this post card was designed for a similar target auidence. this can be inferred from the depiction of technology and the sketch like style of the drawings.I believe this to be a rather simple design but very effective

Melbourne Water

A truly creative medium, special postcard design can be delivered in a broad range of vibrant postcard executions.


This postcard for Tourism Victoria looks to express the vibrance, diversity and colour that Australian culture has to offer. Using numerous interlocking patterns the postcard is fun and eye catching with plenty to look at.


Australia State of the Environment 2011

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