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Funny pictures about The Pinocchio Paradox. Oh, and cool pics about The Pinocchio Paradox. Also, The Pinocchio Paradox photos.

If we ever have kids that have to share a room... or we become those old people who don't want to share a bed anymore!

What a cute little bedroom! I wouldn't want to make kids share a room, so perhaps one of those beds could be a desk instead. Or this could be a guest room for kids. Or something.

great storage solution for a small apartment and also nice way to divide the space #small #apartments and #ideas

27 Ways To Rethink Your Bed: Bed in a Closet. Also check out the Roll-Away Bed under a Platform; Cool way to quickly tidy up a small space, and keep pet hair off the bed! Maybe put a little reading or office space on top on the bed?

Roman inspired hot tub...well, why not?

Le Chateau de L'Amour - Roman Inspired Hot Tub-Oh My (the phantom of the opera room had a secret stone hallway that led to this hot tub).

Secret Room

As a bibliophile I truly appreciate this idea, BUT, my secret room would not be more bookcases.just sayin. "A bookcase that leads to a hidden room with.wait for it.more bookcases!