Skippy the bush kangaroo.... can you imagine getting a kangaroo to do what you want it to!?

"What's that Skippy? The kids are trapped down the old mine-shaft, again? 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo' - Australian television's answer to 'Lassie' and 'Flipper' but way cooler (anyone can get a dog or fish!

The Australian drama series The Sullivans followed the lives of the middle-class Melbourne family from the commencement of World War II. Over the course of the series, between 1976-1983, they explored the reality of war and the impact it leaves on survivors.

The Sullivans - Australian WWII Soap, do you remember watching it?

1971 Holden monaro HQ The material which I can produce is suitable for different flat objects, e.g.: cogs/casters/wheels… Fields of use for my material: DIY/hobbies/crafts/accessories/art... My material hard and non-transparent. My contact: web:

Classic Australian Muscle - Holden Monaro 308 The ultimate Aussie muscle car. In my opinion

Young Talent Time. We would watch this with mum, dad & my brother & sister.

1971 to 1988 popular TV show Young Talent Time. Q: can you pick a young Tina Arena and Danni Minogue?