Giant Iced VoVo tart for Australia Day

Arnott's Iced VoVo tart

Iced Vovo Tart: Pay tribute to an Aussie classic by transforming the iconic Arnott's Iced VoVo into a delectable tart.

No Bake Iced VoVo Balls

No Bake Iced Vovo Balls

This Australia Day cake is super easy to create, only takes ten minutes to decorate and uses a delicious store bought cake from Woolworths. When I think about iconic Australian sweets, you can’t go past lamingtons, Tim Tams and the Caramello Koala, so I have incorporated all of those into this cake. Here’s how to …

Australia Day cake- Lamington cake from Woolworths, 16 Tim Tams pkts) and Caramello Koala

Caramello koala in blue jelly (the ocean) with an Australian flag for Australia day

Koala in the creek - Celebrate Australia Day January. Cute kids party food idea - Blue Jelly and a Chocolate Caramello Koala with mini Aussie Food Pick

Australia Day Themed Party - Change the flags out and it looks like a Fourth of July Party. ;D

Australia Day Celebrations

Australia - aborigines art, Sydney opera house, Vegemite, Great Barrier Reef - each table is a diff country w/ flag!

Fairy Bread - a well loved Australian children's party food..Find ingredients for this recipe and other Australian Food at #Australian Recipes #Australian Food

Australia Online Stores

Fairy Bread - a well loved Australian children's party food. (and adults that have never grown up - like me :))

This lolly table is True Blue enough to make any Australian Day party great.

Knowing More about Australian Themed Party : Australian Themed Party Table Decorations.

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