leucadendron jester - love this plant, use it a lot!

leucadendron shrub - a bunch a different ones available -- for side bed by Desert Willows. Good for cutting for center pieces.

Grasses and rocks

Something like this for front yard, maybe. A pleasing way to use boulders, cobbles, and gravel. So much better than lining them up or edging or stacking them into a pile o' rocks.

Casuarina 'Cousin It' spilling over wall

Casuarina 'Cousin It' spilling over wall-Inspiration for groundcover spilling into drainage channel in wagon island.

australian landscapes by ian johnson | Australian gardens – landscape & plants | GardenDrum

What makes an Australian garden ‘Australian’? Leslie Simpson, garden designer, and I think we’ve cracked the code. Listen here to Design Elements, where we’re discussing Australian themed gardens.

hakea laurina - great small tree, neat pink and white blooms. Related to Protea. Full sun.

Hakea laurina - great small tree, neat pink and white blooms that resemble a sea urchin. I have these in my front garden and they have just flowered for the first time.