Is this illegal? I really wish to do it and wanna know if I need to do it in the cover of darkness

Dish soap disaster…

Funny pictures about Dish soap disaster. Oh, and cool pics about Dish soap disaster. Also, Dish soap disaster.

Recipes around the world

The Chinese one yoooo. I feel like that's how it is learning how to cook in an Asian household lmao


At first I was horrified, but then I fell in love with its adorableness.

Sorry, guys. We ain't changing

As an Aussie, yes, I can confirm these are all words we use and I understand all of them :) If you want to know what they mean then just ask in the comments and I'd be happy to help

Australians don't feel love lol

'Do Australians feel love?' This is awesome! I feel so lucky to be an Aussie

The shop where you go into buy one small thing and come out with enough supplies to start your own hardware store!.

Bunnings sausage sizzles - the lifeblood of Straya

Most of this you will only understand after living there. :) I miss my Australia friends :(

Love this Australian poem!

Grainery bar, maybe a bbq?

this would be cool if it was like half of it and against the back of the building for an outdoor bar. just an idea. but grain silos are so rad Grain bin silo outdoor bar. Outdoor kitchen if you install screen?

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I want to go to America with the cool yellow school bus like in the movies.


But my American money is perfectly fine after it's been in the wash ?