My Krispy Fried Chicken is very popular here but I thought I would try something just a little different recently. These Parmesan Garlic Chicken

Parmesan Garlic Chicken Strips - The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer Just use Freedom or Coles brand Gluten Free cornflakes instead

Thermomix Carrot and Seed Bread

Thermomix Carrot and Seed Bread

This Thermomix Carrot and Seed Bread is the perfect sandwich base for the whole family. Very easy to prepare and contains rye flour for added flavour.

make it perfect: .Thermomix Cooking: Chocolate Weetbix Slice.

This slice is my favourite. It tastes amazing with a great crunchy texture, is simple to make and lasts for awhile (if you don& eat it f.

Custard Tea Cake (Thermomix Method Included) « Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Two of my favourite things combined… tea cake and custard, what’s not to like? This is one of those recipes that I never make… There reason is that I could literally drink tea and…

lemon curd tarts

Thermomix healthy lemon curd tarts Great lemon curd recipe too

Can't believe it's not chocolate

I can't believe it's not chocolate! 75 grams Cashews raw 125 grams almonds 80 grams coconut oil 65 grams coconut, (if shaved, blitz for a few seconds before adding other ingredients) 200 grams medjool dates, pitted 25 grams cocoa

Cornflake, sultana and cranberry biscuits - Kidspot

These tasty cornflake, sultana and cranberry biscuits have no added sugar and are perfect for school lunch boxes. They are nut-free and more-ish, which is the perfect combination.