Martin House | BG Architecture [Melbourne, Australia] Features include: Timber and concrete kitchen, and beautiful 3D white tiles add texture to white walls In refined elegance.

Martin House - BG Architecture A white, pressed metal cupboard door adds another texture to the kitchen.

Our Hi-Art® product line contains 140 ceiling patterns. Panels are produced in zinc, copper, and brass and feature designs from many eras such as: Victorian, Colonial, Gothic, and Art Deco. Ceilings typically come in 2×4 sheets or drop-in panels and may be used on ceilings or walls.

Our Hi-Art® product line contains 140 ceiling patterns. Panels are produced in…

Bluebells pressed tin design on the walls. Three walls in this bathroom were painted white and one was painted black. For more details about this product see:

The Bluebells pressed tin design was used. Three walls painted white and one painted black.

Bathroom renovation. New meets old. This new bathroom is one of my favourites. The clients wanted a vintage style and have chosen pressed metal wall cladding, freestanding bath tub & taps. Full height windows open up the space to outside and is protected by a timber batten privacy screen. For more bathroom & home renovation photos visit

Shield pattern Pressed metal wall cladding and vintage bathtub. House Plans & Design by Empire Design & Drafting.

Pressed tin Shield design used on this feature wall. For more photos see: Come and join us on

Photos of project where the pressed tin Shield design was used on a feature wall and also a laundry splashback

The wall of the fireplace will be a beautiful pressed metal feature wall. I would go for a smaller, more intricately patterned print than this but this is the best I could find.

Pressed Tin Panel Feature Wall The Silver gives a real glam factor

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