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Kennedy Stella Moxley

Kennedy Stella Moxley
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I have a friend (not gonna name names) who asked my other friend who is on my cheer squad .../. Was that stunt suppose to#fall#:0 people dont even know

One of my friends asked me "what team do you cheer for" and I'm just like girl naw. I cheer for my girls and that's it🎀🎀🖤💛

yeah have you ever heard the phrase " cheer isn't a sport ' yeah come to our practice and you'll be crying at the end

Cheerleading quotes I am a cheerleader but Same goes with dance "I play dance" doesn't sound right either

This IS what cheer is.

Cheerleading is. My life. I love cheer and my team we've gone though a lot together

Really wish someone would have spoke this over me in my youth. Always wanted to be an Ohio State Cheerleader or a Rockette. Consider the 5'6-5'10 height requirement to be a Rockette that left cheering and I totally could have made that happen. Live and learn.....

When you dance or do gymnastics or cheer or anything else, remember that their is a little kid watching you, and wants to be just like you. Always inspire