kenzie seinemier

kenzie seinemier

Australia / I love harry potter
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LETS SEE HOW FAR IT GOES>>>paris>>> alberta,canada>>> kansas>>> Virginia U.S.A>>>>>Florida>>>PennsylvaniaWashington>>>> new mexicoTexas>>>South Carolina>>>>>>Minnesota >>>back to Virginia!!!>>>>>Kentucky>>Washington>>>>British Colubia, Canada>>>Indiana>>>>Arizona>>>>Glasgow, UK>>>Idaho>> California>>>Louisiana>>>Utah>>>Illinois>>>Chi-town>>>Western Australia

lmao that's me right there. Half the time I dont remember taking it. I hate it when people start look at your phone

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Teenager Posts When you click a button you didn't mean to click so you just kinda hold the click and drag your cursor around hoping it doesn't click

hahahahaha my parents quote when i tell them somebody called me a nerd since i was reading a science book.Which was (by the way)really interesting.