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See how many exercises you need to burn off these foods!

What does it take to burn off that milkshake? Here's an easy chart on what to do to burn off the calories of some foods, Healthy life, health, Joshua Perets

the only person you have to try and be better than today is the person that you were yesterday

Look In The Mirror Thats Your Competition quotes - Look in the mirror. thats your competition. Read more quotes and sayings about Look In The Mirror Thats Your Competition.

Jam to these 80's tunes during your next run!

Jam to these tunes during your next run! Just added some of these to my running list.

What I say to myself as I hit the snooze button and roll over. It's tough when that “extra hour” is one of, like, 6 hours of sleep before getting up for a hard day of work. But what do you want at the end of life? Saying you slaved yourself at work everyday and that's why your sick, or that you made time for yourself because in the end, that's all each one of us has.

"Early: Just wake up and work it, because honestly what is that extra hour rolling in your bed going to achieve compared to a solid workout?" Inspirerende quote voor www.