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What in God's name could there be on the horizon? - but does it float

Paintings by Linda Ruth Dickinson Title: Samuel Beckett, Endgame

We are sick with space - but does it float

WEEKEND LOVE ‘Open Space Office’ by Tito Mouraz [[MORE]] Focusing on the material of the moment, marble, and using Yuri Ancarani’s stunning portrait of marble film ‘Il Capo’ as a springboard, our.

Zanis Waldheims

Zanis Waldheims was a Latvian geometric abstractionist painter who produced work from the until his death in

Art abstract original painting red cloud texture by mattsart

Art abstract original painting red cloud texture by mattsart. You can tell there is texture in the clouds, the different lines that make it look somewhat realistic. And it looks like the clouds are fluffy and are all like swooshy so its implied texture.

but does it float

Spanish born, Berlin based artist Yago Hortal drips, smears, and splashes layers of acrylic paint onto canvas to create these abstract expressionistic works of art.