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#kgoletters: I've spent the last few days doing a little soul searching - having deep conversations thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go hugging the people I love and listening to their stories. There is nothing more lovely than listening to loved ones and feeling yourself become closer to them hugging their souls a little tighter and bringing your hearts a little more together. Time to sit down and write out my November to do list which is now full of ideas I need to make…


#kgoletters: I wish Sunday would last forever and ever


#kgoletters: So much love for you guys! We're sending out so many orders this week and the sales are ticking over down at @cmmngrnd Freo. Sometimes running a little business is hard but printing all these shipping dockets and writing little thank you notes makes it all worth it. ps - have you checked out our super special #stationeryaddict box which you can buy monthly full of lots of our stationery goodies? It will ship Dec 1st - perfect for Christmas!


#kgoletters: Playing with some gold shiny water colour paint on this beautiful Saturday . Did you know we do commissions of lettered pieces? We can hand letter any quote or saying you'd like frame it and post it off to you. Perfect for Christmas !

#kgostationery: Who else has an unhealthy addiction to washi tape? Anything paper - let me at it!

#kgoletters: Time to keep working on this collection I've had in the back of my mind all year

#kgostationery: Hook the iced latte to my veins guys ! Two coffees in to today and we're powering through a massive to do list - tick tick tickity ticking things off

#kgoletters: NYC dreaming

#kgobehindyhescenes: Time to shuffle this baby around. Perfect Wednesday night wind down

#kgostationery: Nothing quite says thank you like a pretty pink hand lettered card