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Kids TV Active is dedicated to providing quality, age appropriate and family friendly video content suitable for children of all ages. Access to our website is entirely free and unrestricted by geo-blocking. With almost thirty channels and plans to add many, many more, Kids TV Active has plenty of content available sure to keep your child entertained for hours. Visit our website at:
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SILLY DANCE and HELLO to all countries. Shout Out to 5 lucky people!

Silly dance interlude while Shae from Kids TV Active says hello to all counties and a special shout out to 5 lucky people out there.

Kids fun playing LIGHTSABER and sword fighting shenanigans! Kids TV Acti...

Kids fun playing LIGHTSABER and sword fighting shenanigans!


On Christmas Eve, we checkout the West End Brewery Christmas lights and the massive Christmas Tree in Adelaide’s Victoria Square, before then unwrapping pres.

New T-Shirts from LITTLE ADVENTURERS for kids! Kids TV Active being sill...

Kids TV Active check out these great t-shirts from Little Adventurers, which are just for kids, as they start plitting and being silly. LITTLE ADVENTURERS T-.

Brick Barossa LEGO Fan Event. Kids TV Active see AMAZING LEGO DISPLAYS a...

Kids TV Active checkout the Brick Barossa LEGO Fan Event, and while there, they see some amazing LEGO robots and incredible LEGO displays.

STAR WARS MEDIEVAL KNIGHT battles at the Gumeracha Medieval Fair! Amazin...

Kids TV Active visit the Gumeracha Medieval Fair. We saw sword fighting knights, Star Wars medieval battles, quintain and an exploding watermelon with other .

Kids TV Active - Kids Videos and TV Shows

Kids TV Active - Kids Videos and TV Shows

Parents can take five minutes out and let the kids enjoy some kiddie safe TV at Kids TV Active. Little Baby Bum is just one of them available here: Plus there are many other shows available. Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig, The Wiggles, plus much, much more. #kids #babies #toddlers #preschoolers #children #kidstvactive #kidstv #kidshows #kidsvideos

Little Baby Bum features the best nursery rhyme videos for children - stunning and colourful animation in beautiful HD!

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