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Numbers: 3D Typography by RDN Studio

Cool series of numbers created by French design studio RDN. More typography Visit their website

for real sculpts a 3D alphabet

Candle Wax C by FOREAL, a design studio founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster based out of Trier, Germany. In a recent project entitled, The Sculpted Alphabet, the team at FOREAL use CGI sculpting techniques to create unique Alphabet Art Sculptures.

MAYA101: #6 Rigging & Animation, Pendulum. - YouTube

Rigging and Animating a Pendulum in Maya - Lesterbanks

3D alphabet shows the history of type

The ‘R’ utilizes ‘retina’ Johnson Banks explains: ‘At large sizes ['retina'] seems to feature crude ‘notches’ cut into the letterforms, but these are there to compensate for the way blobs of ink blur type at tiny sizes.




Mitch Martinez – Director of Photography

Tutorial: Aligning mocha Tracking Data (for Adobe Users) on Vimeo

Sometime mocha users get confused when their mocha track looks perfect but their AE composite does not match. Often this is caused by a mismatch in image sizes or…


"Creativ Alphabet" is a personal project by French designer Alexis Persani (previously), exploring illustrations and typography. More typography inspiration via Fubiz

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