Long ago and Today resources - Great for any Past and Present Unit

Long Ago and Today / Past and Present

Long Ago and Today or Past and Present Unit: These long ago and today worksheets are a great supplement to any unit about the past and present. Included in

Year 1 Recount Writing Mini Unit: 10 Writing Lessons - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (Picture Puffins) by Mem Fox--this delightful story only gets better the older you get--worth buying a copy to read to your kids, their kids, your parents, and their parents.

Past and Present picture sort for teaching about life then and now.

This week, we read one of my FAVORITE Thanksgiving books, Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. I LOVED how this anchor retell chart.

INCLUDESA research activity looking at the life in England which led to the First Fleet voyage.A cloze passage to further help students understand the enormity of the voyage.The journey itself and a look at what provisions were packed followed by a group activity with a new scenario.Compass activityWord WallPoster on First Fleet shipsConvict crimes posterAustralian Curriculum Year 4: Humanities and Social Sciences: History - ACHHK07912 PAGESPlease see preview for full resource.

The First Fleet Part 1 - The Journey

About This Product: Lesson on The First Fleet - The Jouney. Includes: A research activity looking at the life in England which led to the First Fleet voyage.

History Program YEAR TWO: Australian Curriculum A 10 week History program for Year Two (2). Links directly to Australian Curriculum and comes with worksheets to use. Easy to follow and use! Visual, attractive PowerPoints and over 10 BLMs to use! Keywords: History, Year 2, year two, grade two, grade 2, Aussie Resources, Aussie, Australian Curriculum, Past and Present, Toys, Now and Then, Australian History, Curriculum materials, Australian, Historical Inquiry, History in Australia, Aussie…

HASS | History Program: Year Two

History Bundle: Changing technologiesA comprehensive history bundle on changing technologies. This History program specifically addresses the following Year 2 Australian curriculum outcome: The impact of changing technology on people's lives and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today.Includes a thorough PowerPoint on the olden days, covering electricity, communication and transport with visually appealing photographs.

HASS: History | Changing Technologies

History Bundle: Changing technologies A comprehensive history bundle on changing technologies.

WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG - AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM - HISTORY I asked my ______________ . "When you were young, what was your favourite thing to do?" My ____________'s favourite thing to do was...

When You Were Young concept book in line with Australian Curriculum foundation stage - history.

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