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Doctor's Office Dramatic Play

This dramatic play theme is not only fun and engaging, but has literacy skills integrated throughout it all! This Doctor's Office bundle includes: * Office

Medical center dramatic play addition--this would be especially good for children who have fears associated with going to the doctor.

Pin 6 - This image provides children with a space where they conduct imaginative play, and be creative. The educators have scaffolded learning in the way of prompting children to take part in more mature play.

Vet's office for dramatic play center. Laminated vet brochures. Includes waiting room, vet dress up, doctor's kits and pets and blankets!

Vet's office for dramatic play center. Includes waiting room, vet dress up, doctor's kits and pets and blankets!

hospital play. Ask dr to donate some items. Could make a pretend EKG machine. Use real stethoscope for kids to listen to heart and record findings.

Hospital Play: What happens when we get badly hurt? How do doctors talk? Why do we want to avoid the hospital?

Our dramatic play area "hospital" is a huge hit! The waiting area has some fun medical activity books for kids, and once the "receptionist" has admitted you, the doctors have all the latest equipment like band aids, gauze wraps, IV bag, "needles", crutches, and so much more! The best is the "lollipop" at the end of your visit!!

This would be awesome to have in the waiting room at a hospital for children to paly in and learn about different medical equipment.

Another month means another fun dramatic play center for our preschoolers! The area is our kitchen, and we leave it as a plain housekeeping center for a week or 2 each month. During the other weeks, t

Dramatic play hospital check-in center. Chair, play phone, sign-in clip board and pencils would complete this part of the center.

doctor's cart---Amazing and it is from IKEA!---Cart only supplies not included.

Amazing pretend play doctor's cart used to desensitize children to medical…