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This style of assembly is brain twisting to me, brain twisting is the way to grab peoples brains and squeeze them out like a soaked towel, i think its a way of the future, which is what I'm all about.
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Website simplified infographic design is a process of website design in a more simplified way using 3 effective stages from planning, design layout to strategic implementation. A one piece A1 size infographic poster for you to understand and simplified your process in developing your website.
QUARZ 974 Light - Free Font
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Front Page Fingerprint: the formal elements of the New York Times front page such as white space, headline size and length, body copy, imagery and color palette are shown for each day.
Overall Design: Very artsy. I like how even though the pictures are different, they have a common theme.
Unknown designer. It's a beautiful textured design. I'm not sure what they're using it for, but it really is a stunning piece. #awesomecraftsmanship