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Set to having a new life with the man he loves, Hannibal Lecter was still as fashionable as he was when he was still a free man in Baltimore, Maryland. Hannibal Lecter: After The Fall Fashion

What was that smile lmao

That trademark Mads head tilt + smile gets me every damn time.

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Mads Mikkelsen by Peter Lindbergh for Marc O'Polo.

waiting for this ..

waiting for this .

Mads a Hannibal

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (b.

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Cannes 2017. ❤

Cannes 2017. ❤

So cute!!

OMG this smile is too damn adorable!

Mads Mikkelsen, photocall for Michael Kohlhaas at Cannes 2013


don't ask me why i fancy mads mikkelsen because I don't know either