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I don't think this is Will Graham. but the scene works for the Hannibal concept :)

“"But Hannibal being a chameleon on the run, he will also have to adapt to a different lifestyle. He will still be the same; it’s not that he will be changing his personality, but he will change his...

The coloured side shows how Horatio is Hamlet's good side. It could also show that he is the only surviving main character, as the other side is black and white which connotes the passing of life and loss of light.

Hannibal Fan Art by feredir / Dr.Lecter

‘The Tables Are Turning - Hannibal Variant’ iPhone Case/Skin by feredir

mikkelsenmads: “ [insp] ”

He's stated in interviews that he doesn't do method acting. which is probably a good thing when you're playing a cannibal.