Mads Mikkelsen knows his ass is fantastic. I mean, who doesn't? I saw A Royal Affair. It's great.

I wish I had this man's style and confidence. Not the cannibalistic urges, though.


“literally can't stop looking at this got me feeling some kind of way in my heart my swEET MURDER BABIES”

Mads Mikkelsen

Random gif of Mads walking because why not?

Cannibal Hubbies

‘Cuz Will Graham is crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed cannibal man.

Hannibal animated GIF

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Ilse Witch : Photo

everythingispeople: “kenway: “ im still so mad about this picture what a hotty totty ” that’s kind of adorable ”

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen in the December Issue of GQ France for International Star of the The year

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