By Uncle Joe Kirk This is the story of Karana, the father emu. Karana cares for his chicks and teaches them everything they need to know to survive in the bush.

Every day the cassowary would stay away from the other animals so that they could not tease him, then one day someone noticed him...

The other animals tease cassowary.

Samantha wants to be different from the other silver gulls in the colony and invents a daring and original way of doing it. After some early difficulties, all goes well until...Read her amazing story to find out what happens in the end. Children will also learn something very interesting about silver gulls.

Samantha Seagulls Sandals by Gordon Winch - love this for a shoes theme - image found on Angus & Robertson website

A traditional story based on Arone Meeks' knowledge of the bush, the spirits who lived there and their laws as taught to him by his grandfather, a member of the Kokoimudgji tribe in Queensland. Enora lives with his family in a tropical rainforest. The natural world is being created and Enora's people are surrounded by delicious bush foods and amazing animals. When Enora discovers a shimmering rainbow of colour flying through the forest, his curiosity overwhelms him and he sets out to…

Enora and the Black Crane : Arone Raymond Meeks : 9781921248023

A classic tale of spreading your wings, with an Australian twist. As darkness falls, two tawny frogmouths fly into the forest to find food. Far above the ground, Reggie and Lyla are left alone. But the little tawnies don't plan to stay in the nest ...Beautifully hand-crafted illustrations bring this picture book for pre-school readers to life. Includes facts about Australian tawny frogmouths.

Baby Tawnies by Judy Paulson. The baby Tawny Frogmouth birds learn how to fly :)

Emu Can't Fly ...but we can all do something well. Egret is a beautiful white bird who is both vain and rude. His friends get tired of his boasting especially when he loudly proclaims that Emu can't Fly. They travel to see the wise old owl who reminds them that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Duck can swim under water, Pelican is able to soar up high, Swallow is not afraid of humans, Honeyeater can sing and, of course, Emu can run. Now read the story to find out why Egret isn't so…

Emu Can't Fly by Helen Taylor, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

When Edith met a cheeky young lyrebird on her garden path, she could not guess that he would one day be known as 'A Miracle of the Dandenongs'. Soon, James the lyrebird was singing and dancing for Edith, mimicking the birdsongs and other sounds that echoed through the bush. Word of their friendship spread and people travelled from near and far to film and record James. But with people came change ...This true story, retold by Jackie Kerin and beautifully illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe…

by Jackie Kerin - Boomerang Books

Storm Boy

Storm Boy likes to wander alone along the fierce deserted coast among the dunes that face out into the Southern Ocean. After a pelican mother is shot, Storm Boy rescues the three chicks, and nurses them back to health.

"I'm boss for Fire," growls rough, tough Crocodile Man, and he keeps the rest of the world cold and dark - until one day clever Bird Woman sees her opportunity and seizes it...This traditional aboriginal fire myth from Northern Australia, simply retold and lit by glowing illustrations, will delight children and parents everywhere.

A traditional Aboriginal fire myth retold simply for younger readers.

When Mozzie and Midgie meet a colourful parrot who boasts of being the most beautiful bird on the island, the two young spoonbills set off to find out what could make them beautiful and special.

Mozzie and Midgie : Paperback : Doug MacLeod, Sandy Okalyi : 9781921504327