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Erstwilder Limited Edition Club Life Brooch. "All of this armour means I’m never in a hurry. It does come in handy though. Some dinos can be a bit bitey."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Stone Age Sex-Bomb Brooch. "You can tell by the way that I walk that I got it. I’ll club any man that I wanna. You may call me a prima donna."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Cera Grown Up Brooch. "It would appear our Cera has come into her own. Still fearless, adult Cera has become quite partial to her berry diet."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Jurassic Thunder Brooch. "It can be hard to sneak up on people when you’re this big. In fact the only thing louder than me is this erupting volcano."

Erstwilder Limited Edition The Lone Raptor Brooch. "Not all of us hunt in packs you know! Much like my evolutionary descendants, I prefer a little freedom from the crowd."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Rex the Tyrant King Brooch. "Tyrant is such a harsh word. All I want is what’s best for my fellow ‘terrible lizards’ And for them to stop teasing me about my arms."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Smilodon Smiles Brooch. "Ever heard the phrase ‘never smile at a crocodile’? We don’t think it would have much effect on this happy chappy."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Pluto Plesiosaur Brooch. "A Loch Ness look alike? This guy was doing the whole ‘long-necked, water-based’ animal thing well before old Nessy."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Peaches of Prehistoria Brooch. "Go ahead and tell us that Wooly Mammoths never sported such luscious lashes. Peaches here was there, were you?"

Erstwilder Limited Edition Cave Age Collar Necklace. "The choices in fashion accessories weren’t exactly plentiful 400 million years ago. Still, you could do a lot worse than berries and leaves."