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Erstwilder Limited Edition Madame Amore Brooch. "Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle and sometimes for a man."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Sammy Snow Dog Brooch. "I'm sure you could do what I do if you had a thick double-coat and an incredible work ethic. Then again..."

Erstwilder Limited Edition Up Dog Brooch. "Eyes on the skies. You never know when a precociously precious puppy might drop in to your life. What’s up dog?"

Erstwilder Limited Edition Russell Bow Brooch. "This foxy fella is not afraid of drawing attention. Surely you’ve noticed the size of the conversation bow he is sporting!"

Erstwilder Limited Edition King Koda Brooch. "He’s got a bone to pick. Well a bone to bury and let’s be honest to dig up again. Nick-knack paddy-whack indeed. "

Erstwilder Limited Edition Molly the Maltese Brooch. "Please don’t tease her. Our Molly is the cuddliest of companions but can be a little sensitive about her coat."

Erstwilder Limtied Edition Spiffy the Sausage Dog Brooch. "The long and short of it is this: who doesn't look spiffy when sporting a bow tie like that?"