SW: Coruscant

"Capital of the galaxy. A city-covered planet, Coruscant is the vibrant heart and capital of the galaxy, featuring a diverse mix of citizens and culture. It features towering skyscrapers, streams of speeder-filled air traffic, and inner levels that stretch far below the world’s surface." The world of Coruscant from Star Wars.

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Capitol Elite Celebrate the Quarter Quell The place to view the Hunger Games was right where we were. by Kaysa Minox As our collective eyes are riveted to our hologram screens, we join together.

Model: Monica D - Institute Magazine. Post-apocalypse fashion / post-apocalyptic makeup / apocalypse looks/ hairstyles / dystopian / women's / apocalyptic style / accessories / details / war paint / necklace / choker / punk / female

Star Wars Shaak Ti Orli Shoshan the woman behind the actress.