30+ Australian History Books

TEACHER RESOURCES: have as many novels in the classroom bookshelves for individual reading as possible. Aussie Book Lists: Australian History for Young Readers

Australian History First Fleet & Surviving Sydney Cove Lapbook and Unit Study. Australian Studies.

Australian History First Fleet & Sydney Cove

Videos Australian History First Fleet & Surviving Sydney Cove Lapbook and Unit Study.

Aboriginal Culture Investigation Lesson - Year 3/4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Aboriginal Culture Investigation: Summary of lesson plan: Students will be working in groups to investigate one area of traditional Aboriginal culture.

'Literature to support the Australian curriculum: History' by Fran Knight

Literature to support the Australian curriculum: History by Fran Knight - an annotated Bibliography of Australian History - organised by Key Inquiry Topics and Year Level

All About Volcanoes for Children: Introduction to Volcanoes for Kids - FreeSchool - YouTube

One of the most dramatic landforms on the planet, volcanoes come in many different shapes and sizes. Learn how volcanoes form, what types and structures they.

Label the Volcano Worksheet available at The Third Grade Learning Spot on Teachers Pay Teachers

Label the Volcano Worksheet

The kids could fill this worksheet out while we go through the volcano lesson.

Aussie Units of work Yrs 3-7

Primary — Years 3 to 7 Five media-rich units of work that bring literacy and language learning to a broader and imaginative understanding of our world through literature and inquiry, supported by geography, science and history.

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