Key plants, fruits and nuts used by the Aboriginals

Australian Bush Foods : The Spice Girls – Teas, Curries, Herbs and Spices, Quality Variety Service  Kakadu plum or murunga. Possibly richest natural source of vit C. high Vit C. Quick energy and refreshment boost. Not a staple food. Medicinal.

Territory True: The Kakadu Plum, a traditional bush food here in the NT, has the highest vitamin C content in the world. One single plum has over 50 times the vitamin C found in an orange.

Pandanus spp. Fruit, nuts, fibre, fire brand. High protein and fat.

caption id& align& width& Pandanus fruit ripes from green to orange and red.& During several visits over the course of a year it looked like a large berm of tal

Waterlily - coplelcting

A boy collects waterlily stems in a billabong at Barunga; the stems and bulbs can be eaten.

Photo of two men on their outrigger canoe, fishing. Cairns

Photo of two men on their outrigger canoe, fishing.

Turtle Dreaming

Turtle Dreaming by Lily Cox at the Australian Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery.


Learn about some of the bush tucker, food and plants from Central Australia and what the Aboriginal people ate from the land.

Dugongs - Animal National

Dugong populations are decreasing due to various threats; namely, incidental catching and fish bombing, habitat loss and sea pollution.