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Here are some images of our restaurants, Kobe Jones Melbourne, Riverside Teppanyaki, Kobe Jones Sydney, Wharf Teppanyaki and Rocks Teppanyaki... We offer set menus, a-la-carte, or an experience around our Teppan table ( or Australia's largest teppan table ( Riverside Teppanyaki, Melbourne ))
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Wharf Teppanyaki, Sydney
Inside the lovely Kobe Jones! Uninterrupted views of the Yarra River! Stunning by day, gorgeous at night...
We are proud to say we have Australia's largest teppan table! Riverside Teppanyaki
Our ridiculously talented sushi chef Mann, preparing king fish for a massive night tonight! 2 tables left!!
View now 15 Aug 15 at Kobe Jones Melbourne
Wharf Teppanyaki, Sydney. Chef cooking Number One Special on the Teppan table
Wharf Teppanyaki, Sydney. Cooking up a storm!
Kobe Jones Melbourne
Kobe Jones Melbourne, interior
Kobe Jones Melbourne

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