Grace Cossington Smith

Grace Cossintgon Smith is very well known in Australia, but I don't know how much of her is known overseas. I grew up with images of her pai.

Grace Cossington-Smith Australian artist.  This from the Ballarat Art Gallerty. "Interior into a Garden". Oil on board.

Interior into a Garden, Grace Cossington-Smith Australian artist. The Ballarat Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Grace Cossington Smith

After this 1948 self-portrait Grace 'Cossington' Smith made about 20 paintings of her bedroom.

Artwork, 'Emu Woman' 1988-89

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, 'Emu Woman' (Known as her first painting) Courtesy the Holmes à Court Collection

Margaret Preston  Flyingover the Shoalhaven River  1942

Margaret Preston - "Flying over the Shoalhaven River"; Margaret Preston was an ardent admirer of Aboriginal and Chinese art. This work owes much to these traditions in terms of colour, composition and the map-like view of the landscape.

Grace Cossington Smith:  Interior with wardrobe mirror (1955)

Grace Cossington Smith, Interior with Wardrobe Mirror, 1955 >>> Her best work, well, my favourite anyway. Love the mulitiple layers of reality within this one.

William Dobell's "The Tired Lady" - Art Gallery of NSW

William Dobell The Tired Lady - Pictify - your social art network

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