Wombat Stew Pot - cut out the pot, glue the ingredients to make the stew, write the ingredients on the back of the pot.

Wombat Stew Pot - Idea for Felt board story with dingo and wombat puppet as well.

Term 2 - Australian Animals - Emu craft. 16th May. My notes: Worked out GREAT. BUT - double weave the neck pipecleaner as head is heavy. Glue won't hold unless using hot glue as head to heavy. Tightly wind end of pipe-cleaner around circumference of the head, the fuzz of the head disguises it well enough. And, looks even better with some brown or grey feathers stuck on :)

Create a walking emu with your child. A child aged months should be able to use 'ing' form of the verb (e. running), so get your emu to do all different actions, perhaps some running, jumping, walking or hopping?

get the children to tear pieces of newspaper for the body and grey for the ears. Trace & cut arms & legs.

I think this is adorable but I can't find the original source (if you know, please tell me! You could have kids tear pieces of newspaper for the body and grey paper for the ears.

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