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Group of Warriors from the tribes west of Hermannsburg, Central Australia

The aboriginals were a strong, healthy people - until the white man arrived .There were 259 tribes . Today they make up of the population .

Digging for Honey Ants

Old Photos of Australian Aborigines

1954 Aboriginal girls of the mission

Girls from Yarrabah Aboriginal Reserve, Mulgrave Shire, 1954

Aboriginal Prehistory Central Qld Area: Origins

Aboriginal Prehistory Central Qld Area: Origins



Gurindji strikers at Wattie Creek, next to the sign that they had made to assert their claim over their lands. The sign reads: 'GURINDJI, MINING LEASE AND CATTLE STATION'

On May Aboriginal stock workers at Newcastle Waters station went on strike. (Manning, Brian ``A Blast from the Past: An Activist’s Account of the Wave Hill Walk-off’‘, Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, delivered on August Northern Territory University,

Roebourne Prison inmates

Australia was founded on bloodshed, and its historical identity and its origins-of-thinking include slavery (blackbirding), social engineering, aparthei.