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Need a coffee table for your outdoor room? Turn an old galvanized bucket upside down and top it with the top from an old wire spool! | From Liz of Liz Marie blog
Front garden with railings
Easy DIY project : 2 pallets, 3 pavers
diy planters containers | Planter boxes with bench by Padheyz
“Columar Hornbeam Tree” - 'LOVE' for privacy in tight places. Will grow above the 6 ft. fence line - Nice ! Would look beautiful decorated in white lights also to light the pathway at night !
Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens • Lots of Great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from susie frazier, this wonderful vertical garden.
Around Southern California, landscape designer Scott Shrader is known for civilized, amenity-filled gardens that are tailor-made for life outside. At his own home, a 1,600-square-foot Regency-style cottage in West Hollywood, Shrader transformed a cramped, 24-by-45-foot brick-and-concrete backyard into this stunning escape.<p> </p>
Banana palms.... They grow so quickly! They look stunning ! They are the giants of the herb family! Use their leaves as foil and cook your fish inside them eat the fruit.. You may be surprised that they do thrive in a cool temperate climate as long as they are protected from strong winds. They produce pups and can easily be divided to provide you with more...!!