Bill Granger's Thai chicken noodle soup

Flavour trip to the East without leaving your home kitchen via this Thai take on chicken noodle soup.

Silvia Colloca's super speedy mussels, chilli and rosemary soup

Find solace in a warming bowl of chilli-flecked mussels, says Silvia Colloca.

Put a twist on classic chicken soup with this herby meatball version.

chicken meatball soup with cavolo nero from donna hay fresh + light magazine issue

Thai chicken and coconut soup

This light, fragrant, creamy tom kha gai – a classic Thai soup – is an absolute blast of hot, sweet and sour flavours. Serve steaming bowlfuls with little golden corn fritters ready to dunk in sweet chilli sauce.

Spicy tomato soup

"I love soup because it’s a unique combination of health food and comfort food – perfect when you want something light, but it’s too cold for a salad. Perhaps that’s why you find incredible soups wherever you go in the world" - Bill Granger

Hot and sour prawn soup

Hot And Sour Prawn Soup Recipe Ideas Recipes Fresh Off The Grill

Prawn noodle soup

With autumn in the air, we turn our attention to this satisfying dinner idea that is still big on fresh flavours.

Hot and sour prawn soup

This hot and sour prawn soup may be super speedy, but it& packed with fresh herbs and delicious Thai flavours.

Spanish-style chorizo and pipi soup

This hearty Spanish-style soup combines spicy chorizo with beautiful fresh seafood.This hearty Spanish-style soup combines spicy chorizo with beautiful fresh seafood.

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